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Well I hope you have a fix in place my team mate @NekhronKirov has his primary character stuck in a null map he has been there now for four or five days. He has sent repeated reports and has not had any help. He is a life member and this character is almost maxed with all the borg and Honor Guard decorations and equipment level 12. It would really suck for him to have to loose this character to a game flaw. I was in the map with him and only by luck I was able to get out. I told him what I did and it did not work for him. please help him.

Is this the blue "Empty Map" thing that was happening in "Explore Unknown System" missions?

I got out of that by picking an old quest (say, "Stranded in Space") and clicking on the "transwarp to quest location" button. Using an old quest is to keep the EC price down, but any quest should work.

Other people used the Winter Wonderland event transwarp button, from the sidebar ad in the main mission/episodes/etc panel.