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I would not underestimate Sensor Scan, especially not when coupled with a Sensors Officer. Reducing the damage output of a target is nothing to be sneezed at. Note that it works on the target and ships within 3km of it.

Regarding the skills, I personally found Folcwins' list most usefull:

Maxing out some skills at the expanse of neglecting others does not seem to go well with PWE/Cryptics' stance towards versatility.
thank you my friend this is why i cant get it to work i have been clicking it when i initiate my attack patterns and crf's around 5-7kms out that's brilliant now i know how to use it i have got myself a doff to go along side it and it definitely cant be underestimated especially now i know how to use it haha

thanks for all your reply's and help both of you