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Originally Posted by hereticknight085 View Post
...So again, if we can get civilians from these officer exchange programs, why can't we send civilians on them?

Just a thought.
And it's a good thought, one I've thunk before, too.

If they aren't going to allow Civis to be Exchanged away, then I wish they'd fix that "bug" and take civilians out of the rewards table for the Officer Exchanges assignments. I don't need anymore Bartenders and Chefs.

Of course, ideally, I wish STO's systems tech allowed the assignment to determine the type of input so that the Exchange assignments could return a matching officer. I send a Projectile Weapon Officer, I get back a PWO (with possibly different species, traits, ability, and quality, naturally), but same Specialization.

If not the exact same specialization, then at least the same department: If I send a Diagnostic Engineer, I might get back a Technician, but never a Conn Officer. Or if I send a Biochemist, I might get back a Medic/Nurse, but not a Botanist. And so on.

It's good to dream, I guess.

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