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Originally Posted by ddesjardins View Post
Panko breaded Epohh Sweetbreads, fried in clarified butter. Mmmmmm.
Ok, thanks... I got Cracker Jack out the nose and on my monitor when I read "fried in clarified butter" in regards to Epohhs. LOL

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All that would be interesting...

But what I really want/need is a SEPARATE Bank/Storage place for them and my Tribbles.
Consider adding your support to LordHavelock's recommendations for Pet UI and Tribble Storage
Hey, thanks for the linkage.

As for the OP, I'm ok with the idea of further pet development, if that includes Cryptic doing something about the way we store pets, as my links above explain.

I would love to see Combat Epohhs, though I'd rather see a Targ Breeding minigame that resultsed in Combat Targs, first. Not to mention they need to make it so BOs can slot and use pet devices (which currently, they don't seem to do).

However, I have to agree with Elandarksky and vote against playing Epohh dress-up. There's too many other canon costume/uniforms, assets, etc that are not (yet) in-game, not to mention clipping/bug-fixes on existing features, that need resolution, to waste Dev time on foo-fooing-up your Little Princess Epohh Paris Hilton-style.

When my KDF toons get more Foot-wear options, Off Duty clothes, and more colors, when my Feds can wear a "ripped-Kirk shirt", change the rank on their WoK uniforms, find an iron for my over-wrinkled Troi uniform, and my female toons can wear any Communicator without clipping into their (only medium-sized) breasts, then we can talk about your Omega Force Epohhs.

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