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12-27-2012, 08:52 AM
Originally Posted by comanderulfric View Post
ok why is it that when doing the stf's that omega marks you get more than 50-100 depending how the optional falls but when doing the romulan marks you only get 10 or less unless you get the extra marks event.

ok why is it that when doing the defera ground missions you only get 5 omega marks but when doing the romulan marks you get 10-15 plus more for radiation scanning plus 400 for breeding rabbits plus 100-200 more per day for winter rabbits.

(seriously, though - anyone not doing the Winter Epohh thing right now is just missing out. I've got two characters that have never stepped foot in Tau Dewa sector, who have over 2-3k marks between them. For about 10min of effort a day - do a pvp race once in awhile to get some epohh tags + assign some doffs. Of course, it depends on how good you are at the pvp race / if you can get a race without many competitors. But there's lots of winter zones + 4 races per hour, so....)