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12-27-2012, 08:53 AM
Originally Posted by coupaholic View Post
I can't decide whether I want this ship or not.

I mean it's obviously a competent vessel, it looks fantastic and it's free. Bit of a grind involved but from what I've seen on other threads this event doesn't seem too bad.

My main issue is...can this ship play nice with Engineers? The grind may be simple but it would be time wasted if it turns out to be useless.
Most impressive, in my estimation. I can see many an Engineer playing tactical finally having a ship made more of steel than tinfoil; as most Escorts appear to be. Long have I wanted a Galor-class Assault Cruiser and this is a very near match in performance it would seem. Arguably superior with its ability to mount Dual Cannons, among other things.

My question to the Devs & BranFlakes is this: If the Chel Grett comes with Dual Cannons, can I also equip Dual Heavy Cannons? I personally consider Dual Cannons inferior to Beam Banks and Dual Heavy Cannons. Though I understand that could merely be, a certain point of view, as some players prefer the higher rate of fire over raw power...

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