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Most impressive, in my estimation. I can see many an Engineer playing tactical finally having a ship made more of steel than tinfoil; as most Escorts appear to be. Long have I wanted a Galor-class Assault Cruiser and this is a very near match in performance it would seem. Arguably superior with its ability to mount Dual Cannons, among other things.

My question to the Devs & BranFlakes is this: If the Chel Grett comes with Dual Cannons, can I also equip Dual Heavy Cannons? I personally consider Dual Cannons inferior to Beam Banks and Dual Heavy Cannons. Though I understand that could merely be, a certain oint of view, as some players prefer the higher rate of fire over raw power...
I run mine with 4x DHC amd 4x Turrets as a maxed-out escort with 2x RCS consoles. This ship is fantastic.

You do not want to be caught in front of it during a full alpha.