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Originally Posted by naharikajal View Post
It's a shame and definitively an anathema to the spirit of the Foundry!

To be honest I didn't hear about this mission before so I was just curious about the ratings. After reading them I became angry and sad... It's full of 5 stars and named one of the best missions that exist *sigh* What a slap in the face of every "serious" author who spends hours and hours in developing a storyline or whatever...

I really hope it will be banned soon.
Federation missions that are copied/pasted and called Klingon missions are a slap in the face to KDF players. And yet that's what we're given.

Console clickers, I'd agree were an abomination. But this is not. It takes time. There is effort involved. Not a lot, but some.

I did Chart/Explore the B'Tran Cluster every day for months during S6. An awful lot of those missions were...Kill 5 groups. You could walk to the area and go AFK for 2 minutes. Walk to the next area, 5 seconds away and go AFK again. Repeat 3 more times and you're done. Is that really so different from this mission?