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12-27-2012, 10:06 AM
Note. The following is my interpretation based on what I have seen and what I can predict. If somebody has a team that incorporates engineers as a major component and would like to prove me wrong in a premade vs premade (3v3, 4v4, or 5v5), I would be delighted to fight you, and even more delighted if you crushed us with tactics I didn't think would work.

A sizeable percentage of the engineer's powers are directly neutralized by Motion Accelerator, which is available on the new Fire Team kits (mk11 and mk12) in the Embassy. The slow effect of mines, fuze armor, and the ability to set up kills with team or personal Holds and Orbital Bombardment or Bomb, are mostly lost. Engineers will remain somewhat effective at breaching fixed positions using Equipment Technician and supported by a medic and a tactical initiative, but fixed positions can be assaulted by other means, and a team with no engineers will be more successful at repelling or absorbing an assault on a fixed position, and bunkered-in fixed positions themselves are rare now that kitswitching from fabrication specialist to a combat kit is no longer available. Engineers are already uncommon. When FS runs a true premade, they favor three scis and two tacs; FES favors either that or three tacs and two scis, and this is before taking motion accelerator into consideration. The days when two tacs, two engineers, and one sci was the go-to build for a premade ground team are long gone. Balance changes month to month, and engineers will be back someday, assuming STO PvP lasts. But for now they have one truly effective kit for premade vs premade (Equipment Tec), and even that kit contains three powers (fuze, orbital, cover shield) that are all but useless in the current ground pvp environment.

Of course, a good engineer will still contribute more to a team than a less skilled sci or tac. My contention is not that engineers are useless, but that a team with an extra tac or sci is better than a team with one or more engineers.