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12-27-2012, 10:19 AM
Oh for crying out loud, does everyone in this game whine about something? PvPers whine about balance, PvE'ers whine about DPS races, and the Foundry authors whine about no one getting their works of art.

Then again, I'm whining about the people who whine, so I guess I'm no better.

But to the question at hand. First, I played the KDF version of this mission (I actually think there is more than one, since in the one I played, some of the enemy feds got around the barrier to me and started shooting me). I could have gone around and helped my BOFFS, but I decided to play it like the mission said and just let them do the work. It was kinda fun actually, made me feel like an actual captain who actually sent someone else to do the work. Kinda makes me wish there was a good way to do this with the cryptic missions, just get to near an encounter and then send the boffs forward to do the job. Anyway, I had fun, so I gave it a good rating. I never saw anything about a five star rating had to be for great plotline and stunning special effects. And I will say that if I come across a mission that did have those things and no significant problems otherwise, I'd give it 5 stars, no problem.

Second, I have nothing against "story" missions, I'd love to play them, and time permitting, I will. But that's the problem, I don't have time. I have a kid, a wife, a job, stuff to do. Most of the time, I can only play STO for an hour or two a day, and I hardly think I'm alone in that. So, I have to play what is going to get me the most bang for my buck, and something that doesnt' require all of my attenction, just in case I have to run and get my kid, or my wife wants something, or I have to do the dishes or mow the lawn, etc, etc, etc, as the King would say.Now, if my stars align and I have a free hour or two, maybe I will try a "story" mission, I've got a list of ones I want to try actually, and if they're good, I'll give it a 5 star. But for day to day stuff, I'm going to play something like this, cause I'm saving up for a couple of ships and fleet stuff too, and that all adds up you know?

By the way, if anyone here knows of a good mission, please let me know. I may not get to it for a while, but I will add it to my list. In game mail is @Malkarris, good for both FED and KDF. And even if you say it takes thirty minutes, will I'm still putting it off until I have time, because I'd like to not speed read my way through it.

Third, to all those crying exploit, exactly how is this an exploit? Because its a basically do nothing mission? Well, that's probably so, however, an exploit means I'm getting something out of this that I wouldn't be usually. Its not like I can log on to another character in STO to do something while my BOFFs kill stuff. I have to stay in game and looking at the screen, just in case I need to do something (see the leakers I menctioned above). I can't do doffing while I wait for the mission to complete, and even if the mission takes less that 30 minutes, I can't do another one and get the wrapper's reward until that timer has run down. Quite honestly, if they were going to reduce the timer to 30 minutes anyway, I don't understand the point of the missions qualification being like this. Just make a mission that has you load four rooms, with all the lag that would take at least 15 minutes, even if all your ar doign is running from one end of the room to another to click a console (I might make one like that, run around ESD, clicking consoles, like a race, that would be fun in a group, if you could make it like that). I'll also add in the fact that most space ESTFs give the same amount of base dilithium and are designed to be completed in 15 minutes, with a good team. And with a good team, you can do eight of them, which also fills up your dilithium quote for the day in only about 2 hours, maybe 3 given that ground is a bit longer. Or just play ISE, CSE, and KASE, and maybe KAGE if you need a bit more time until the timer on ISE runs out, and repeat.

And hey, what about Cryptics mission to get the Breen ship? That takes what, five minutes, to get 40 pictures? Think about how much dilithium it would take to do that.

Fourth, let look at what Cryptic has said about all this stuff. In some ask Cryptic or dev blog, the D man himself said that what they are shooting for is for the average player to make his 8,000 dilithium cap in four hours. The daily officer report mission gives 960 dilithium, and can be repeated once every half hour, which comes to a bit less than 8000 in 4 hours. So at this point, it looks like working as intended. Now, could this be better and have some sort of sliding scale so that however long or short a foundry mission is, that is how much dilithium you would be rewarded, and one four hours long would just give you about 8,000, yeah, that would be nice, but I don't think they have the tech necessary to track that and not reward players for just sitting in an empty room for 4 hours.

And finally, fifth, get use to it. I've written fanfiction (which is basically what this stuff is), so I know already what you guys seem to need to learn. You craft this wonderful piece of work, your baby, and set it loose in the world, confident that it will take the people by storm, and in five minutes, ten people completely trash it and everyone else seems to ignore it. And of course, you want to defend your baby, which is perfect in your eyes. And so you take a course of action, calling for nerfs and what not. Well, welcome to being an author. If you're looking for job satification, don't come here. Treasure the players who do come to your missions and play them and give you a 5 star rating, and as for the rest, learn to roll with the punches. I'd be willing to bet real money that if Cryptic's missions were put up for the officer report rewards, the only one anyone would play is "Spin the Wheel." Of course, it probably wouldn't qualify since there is no one to shoot.

Even if they banned this one mission, and all the other kill X number of guys missions, no one is going to go flocking to your three hour epic. They'll go back to STFs and fleet actions, because that's where the marks and dilithium is.

And of course, all this is IMHO, and that with a fiver will get you a good cup of coffee. But I hope some of you will at least take a minute to breath and think about what I said.
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