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12-27-2012, 10:19 AM
Originally Posted by defalus View Post
As with other fleet ships, a Fleet Chimera could have the improved stats over the original version but lack the console that comes with it.

That way other players are able to get a Fleet Chimera but only the veterans and lifers get access to the tactical mode and the phaser lotus via the original console.

Same would apply to the KDF players and a Fleet Peqhu' or whatever it is called.


I do laugh at people who can consider the current Chimera to be 'omg it is thu best escortz' as it simply isn't. RA Patrol escort is more effective, minus the console abilities. And theres plenty of 9 console store ships which are also superior.
Its stats are shoddy, it loses a console slot for the Tactical mode, Boff slots are questionable... I use mine as a phaser beam boat as thats the only fun way to play the damn thing. Most of the time it stays in the shipyard and I rock out with the Fleet 'Defiant' or Blockade Escort as they are both just so much better.

Dont get me wrong, I do like using it. It does have a few saving graces, and kudos to Cryptic for adding such a ship to the game. Its a cracking ship for someone who has no access to anything beyond RA. But as a Vet/Lifer who has it, you get a free VA ship anyway.

I must agree though, that a Fleet version would make a fine addition to the game provided the Vet/Lifers do still have something unique - The console.
Make a 10 console version, increase the hull and shield caps slightly, maybe give the Chimera an extra 0.5 shield cap over the Peghqu' to compensate the lack of Cloak.
And for lifers who already have one, a cost of just 1 Fleet Ship Module.

Make it tier 5, or even tier 6 when that arrives. Making it tier 3 is too low for what it potentially is.