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James: Sam.. I have an idea things are speeding toward another tragedy.. I need some one to initiate talks with the synthesizers, my ship and my crew will give you that time you need. As far as this M is concerned he is right but his way of doing things is sickening.
Sam: James, I have tried reasoning with her. She slaughtered a Colony of innocent civilians just to get my attention.

I may be able to convince her into negotiations, but it probably won't last long. I'll put Matt in command of the Republic. Her ZPCs have been very effective against Synthesiser Vessels.

Synthesiser ships use scavenged Iconian Shield and Weapon technology, making them more powerful than anything we have... under normal circumstances.

The Republic is a prototype vessel with experimental weapon, shield, and power generation systems. I'll see about getting some of our Matter Anti-Matter Modules installed into your shield generator.
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