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Originally Posted by dlmystic View Post
...Best carrier though would be either Voquv or karfi
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...Darn, I came in here to post that and you beat me too it. Red side still has the best full carriers.
I have KDF characters that fly both the Vo'Quv and the Kar'fi, and I enjoy them. I am considering making a Fed toon and buying the Atrox (Thanks for the UGC cards, "Santa"! ). I really like the way the Atrox looks.

Near as I can tell, the Atrox and Vo'Quv have nearly identical stats [*]. If anything the Atrox has more crew and shields. So, besides "Red Loyalty" - What's the difference between the Vo'Quv and the Atrox that makes the former better?

[* Edit: I am wrong on the stats being the same, as pointed out below.]

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