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Originally Posted by ghqcommand View Post
Hey folks.

First of I need to ask for some help/advice related to the Facility 4028 map but it is related to co-ordinates.

Typing /loc in game will show a position much like "-128 0 -59". However to get an NPC to show on the same spot I need to use something more like "-54 -10 -12".

Is there a conversion tool?

I know it is basic maths but I would need the ratio and to get that I would need to position my character in the exact same place as an npc object on foundry. I considered a chair, perfecting the position of the foundry character then using the co-ordinates.

Then I thought lets go on the forum and discuss this. Mainly because even when my NPC seem to be placed well, they vanish through the floor on engaging in battle. or some of them do, it is very random.

Thanks in advance for help on this.
You can get a reliable result by multiplying the first and last number by 3.28 or 3.281 (to be more exact). The y value is unreliable.