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You know, considering we are on the forefront of this in the mmo community in a way it is kind of exciting. Not saying we're the first to do it, but, we're the first to do it in this way prepping up for Neverwinter and other works.

I don't think any one thing has caused this, anything overly predictable. Sure in hindsight EVERYTHING is obvious but:

The game starts off with severely limited story content, near no end game but PvP. Then we get the STFs, which are difficult to play even for some fleets at the time and see very little players through. We get diplomacy (*snicker*) and exploration, but it is... well... scan 5 things... destroy Borg Looking for relics of their 3rd Dynasty...

We get the foundry as something, near anything, we can do to tell some stories and give a little story content in addition to the season updates which, at the time, were mostly just 5 new episodes.

Then we switch over to better endgame and the different rewards for F2P. The exploration marks that we all farmed gets replaced by DL. DL gets put everywhere. Suddenly there is something we get. Something more than 5 exploration marks, or other random marks that are... lets face it, worthless. Suddenly there is worth. Suddenly we get worth with tips. There is an option now, since time in game is worth something, that players get a little more reward than just story. As there is actually things to do or that require time in game they need some reward for time spent now. But, as always, players realize there is an easy way to get stuff based off the old system. They brake it, some better than others. (Battle Royal for fed is not new and that's okay with me, and I didn't mind Nagus dailies because they were polished an simple ways to do it) There are still poor clickers, everyone sees the groups outside of the ESD transporter room. But, they were only the few that were needed.

Now, we get a system that works for the purpose of evenly giving rewards for individual foundry missions as if they are STFs or Fleet Actions or any other aspects of content. Like the old double down 2000 or so DL rewards from Exploration (a hang over from before) the old system in place just to give something is changed. The old loophole is closed, and congress debates until the fiscal cli-... err... people are suddenly upended as the system isn't as easy to get the same rewards. There it has been so long, what it was seemed to be designed as a simple way to get DL is removed. Many people thought it was as intended that way. Now, as it shifts to even rewarding there are the growing pains as they try to get it back the way it was. In doing that, we're flooded with missions attempting to make that change. Fill that hole. It's a lot harder, there are a lot of failures or jumping in to make something that works since the one or two that were really easy aren't there anymore...

Our current end result, lists of mission that either only tailor to (or have failed tailoring through) a vast majority of players who aren't interested in playing the content, but perhaps getting the rewards or avoiding the time spend in other aspects of content (which, I still don't understand. People who say they don't have the time to put in to the grind are now needing to spend 15 minutes at least in a mission to get the rewards. Aren't those the same times and rewards for the other content in game that takes 15 minutes? I can respect you don't have a lot of time as others for grinding in game, but, you're still spending the same amount of time in game.)

Our current state at this point is lists of missions attempting to make that easy gain again, but limits out near all content for which the reward system is being tailored to provide to.

The progress to this point is convoluted, but when STO launched it was awesome space combat. That's it. All of it. I mean, ground, sure... but ground pre S4 was... painful. This has been a wide changing road that has caused problems as it went. If cryptic had never offered the three mission daily this would no doubt be calmer now, but, there would still be some problems. And they added those things so that players in the system are no longer punished for playing foundry with their game time. Looking back, at least we have seen changes. Big changes. Thats a sign of life and growth I love to have in an MMO.

I don't mind these missions existing, but, I think it is a problem that these missions are blocking honest content, content that only has 33 plays after 1 year, or 340 after 2.


We got here down a long road of evolving game changes, which has resulted with the mission list crowded by ones designed to be most efficient for getting reward mission rewards.
If changes show anything, it's not going to last so long as work is still done on it.
Nothing wrong with the new grinder missions if they put polish on it and don't block the Story Based content the reward was designed for.

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