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Originally Posted by ocp001 View Post
So I read this, twice. Well... While it isn't the preferred method of foundry mission many authors want to see popular, I totally see your points...

I may not play such missions but I can't fault those that do given your argument.
Mostly off subject, but thank you for this reply, not because you agreed with my points, but that you took the time to consider them.

More on topic, I wouldn't mind seeing those story type missions be more popular, I just don't see it happening with what I know of internet culture.

And just to put in another two bits, because I'm chatty today, I think more people might try story missions if they were shorter. Considering the audience, and writing for it, will probably get you more feedback and plays, though I can't say any of it will be what you want. In this case, an author might consider the audience to want something short and sweet, that doesn't require a lot of brain power. Something that comes to mind is the current crop of sit coms on TV, like Friends, or How I met your Mother. Or given the amout of action needed for a foundry mission to qualify, maybe some action cartoon or anime would be a better guide. In either case, something in the 22 minute range, plus commercials. Going more with the cartoon angle, that would be an opening fight or conflict, some dialogue to explaine the fight and continue with what needs to be done, and the the grand battle at the end to form Voltron and finish off the bad guy of the week. Will this be deep and meaningful? Maybe not, but consider your audience, what are they looking for? From the complaints here, Dilithium. I doubt any of them would complain with they got their dilithium with saving a pretty space princess.
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