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Originally posted by malkarris
And finally, fifth, get use to it. I've written fanfiction (which is basically what this stuff is), so I know already what you guys seem to need to learn. You craft this wonderful piece of work, your baby, and set it loose in the world, confident that it will take the people by storm, and in five minutes, ten people completely trash it and everyone else seems to ignore it. And of course, you want to defend your baby, which is perfect in your eyes. And so you take a course of action, calling for nerfs and what not. Well, welcome to being an author. If you're looking for job satification, don't come here. Treasure the players who do come to your missions and play them and give you a 5 star rating, and as for the rest, learn to roll with the punches. I'd be willing to bet real money that if Cryptic's missions were put up for the officer report rewards, the only one anyone would play is "Spin the Wheel." Of course, it probably wouldn't qualify since there is no one to shoot

As a fan-fic author/foundry creator I definitely know about "get used to it".

One, not everyone will like your mission, even if they are striving for a good story based mission. I've had reviews from "best mission ever" (5 stars)
to "not realistic" (1-star for joo).
Two, a lot of us foundry authors have had to deal with the "drive-by" sabotage 1-star ratings as well. So a lot of us are used to such things.

I personally just try to adapt when I can. Do I want everyone to play my missions? Of course I do, but it isn't realistic, so I just go with the flow. Will I make a more
"grindy/loot grab" mission to get in a plug for my series and other missions?

A lot of authors are more griped about the mission selection system than the grind missions themselves. Heck, even I took advantage of a clickie mish on occassion when my fleet was grinding to the next tier. Another thing to consider on the loot grab missions is that a lot of players are being tapped out of EC's to keep the reputation system going, so the lootgrabs are ways to replenish their bank account in game. I know this from experience helping fleetmates with credits who are tapped out. It is to be expected that the lootgrabs will be popular to some folks. Are they good story missions or fan fiction?
Absolutely not, nor are they intended to be. They are doing what they were designed for, just like the clickie missions did.

As such, I will build a daily grind/lootgrab mission as well, but with custom maps and some story to it to plug my other missions. I will adapt. Until there is a better selection process in the foundry mission menu, that is my choice.

Don't be too critical of authors who are incensed by these missions though. When you spend countless, countless hours building maps, storylines, and effects that no one else has done, it is only human to be displeased to see missions that take 2 hours or less to make on top of the main selection list. Until that changes, there will always be flaring tempers in the forums, we just need to try to take it into the proper context and not always classify complaining as "whining".

Happy Holidays everyone.

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