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Originally Posted by lordhavelock View Post
I have KDF characters that fly both the Vo'Quv and the Kar'fi, and I enjoy them. I am considering making a Fed toon and buying the Atrox (Thanks for the UGC cards, "Santa"! ). I really like the way the Atrox looks.

Near as I can tell, the Atrox and Vo'Quv have nearly identical stats. If anything the Atrox has more crew and shields. So, besides "Red Loyalty" - What's the difference between the Vo'Quv and the Atrox that makes the former better?
Voquv has 4000 crew, Atrox has 2500. Voquv boff layout is Lt Cmdr Tac, Lt Cmdr Eng, Cmdr Sci, Lt Sci. Atrox boff layout is slightly different, it gets Lt Tac and Lt Cmdr sci instead. I prefer Voquv due to the boff layout and better pets, the Bird of Prey refits are great. Other then that the rest of the stats for both ships are the same.