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Snipping a good post down to reply to a specific point.

Our current end result, lists of mission that either only tailor to (or have failed tailoring through) a vast majority of players who aren't interested in playing the content, but perhaps getting the rewards or avoiding the time spend in other aspects of content (which, I still don't understand. People who say they don't have the time to put in to the grind are now needing to spend 15 minutes at least in a mission to get the rewards. Aren't those the same times and rewards for the other content in game that takes 15 minutes? I can respect you don't have a lot of time as others for grinding in game, but, you're still spending the same amount of time in game.)


We got here down a long road of evolving game changes, which has resulted with the mission list crowded by ones designed to be most efficient for getting reward mission rewards.
If changes show anything, it's not going to last so long as work is still done on it.
Nothing wrong with the new grinder missions if they put polish on it and don't block the Story Based content the reward was designed for.
Sorry for double posting, but by the time I finish with one post, about three more people have posted after it. I need to type faster.

Specifically to your point about time spent, and specifically about myself, its not that I don't have time for the grind, its that my time is limited and I have to pick what I want to do. Lets say I have an hour to play in a day. These days I play some of the winter stuff, which takes about 15 minutes if I time it right. Then I take a look around. If someone is forming a team for STFs I usually try and put my hat into that ring, and that's another 15 to 30 minutes. And now I only have about 15 to 30 minutes left, and I still need some more dilithium for fleet stuff or saving for a new c-store ship. Before season 7, I'd do a three click clicky and then ship out to Defera for the rescue prisoner's missions, both the mine one and the Breen ship one. Now, I pick a simple looking foundry mission, which gives me the same as the Breen ones, and takes about the same time. The advantage of the officer reports is they also give fleet marks, so if I need fleet marks, and who doesn't, I'm going to pick that. On the other hand, if I get to tier 5 in Omega rep, I'd probably pick another STF to run for the marks, since I think I need those more. Now, if I suddenly find myself with nothing else to do for that hour of game time, if I don't have a pressing need for dilithium or marks, or whatever else in the game, and yes I admit that I am putting that need in myself, then I might go play an hour long mission in the foundry. That is my complaint about time, not that I don't have enough to grind, but I don?t' have enough to both grind and do something fun, like a foundry mission.

As for your TL;DR, IMHO, I think you are missing the point about the officer report mission. It is not designed for story missions, it is designed to be one way of maxing out on the daily dilithium. You can play 8 30 minute foundry missions and get your limit, or you can play 8 STFs and get your limit, or you can mix and match and add in some doff missions and get your limit. To me, looking at it, that is what that missions is for, another way to grind. And like STFs, it can be a fun way to grind, depending on your definition of fun. Now, if this was to be a story reward, the officer report missions would be something like what it was, a daily mission, but it would reward 8,000 dilithium, 50-400 fleet marks, depending on what cryptic feels like, and any mission would have to be an hour long and have at least ten screens of text. Actually, lets make it simple and say that it has to be a current or previously featured foundry mission. That way, the best foundry mission gets the best reward. And that is probably going to be the ONLY way you get the masses to play a story based foundry mission. And they will probably not leave any comments or good ratings.

Again, I'll point to my last post. I know most authors want to write the next War and Peace or the next Tale of Two Cities, or the next Best of Both Worlds, in this case, or what have you. And fanfiction, or the foundry, can let you do that, and that can be good. But if you want people to play your missions, and maybe give you tips, you have left the world of fanfiction where you can write anything. You have entered the world of published fiction, where you are selling something. And the first rule of published fiction is know your audience, aka the players. The players for the most part, don't want the next Best of Both Worlds, they want something quick and dirty. And you can do quick and dirty with a story, look at any cartoon these days. Well, repeating myself, but I hope you get what I am saying. You have to choose what you want to create, fanfiction, and be content with the few players who come and look at what you have, or published fiction and cater to the players for your payment.
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