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Originally Posted by centersolace View Post
5. Give huge rewards for team play.

Not everyone want's to play in teams, but after all, this is an MMO. You should reward them for doing so. Cluster missions should extra EC's/Dilithium for every team member, give 30 Fleet Marks for every Fleet Mate you are teamed with (giving you a maximum of 120 Fleet Marks), the B'Tran cluster should give small amounts of OMEGA Marks, all the clusters in Romulan space should give Romulan Marks, and all the other clusters should be kept open for future Mark types.
I think the numbers you propose are too high. more like 5-10 per team member, with an extra 10-20 each for completing optional side missions related to profession (so you're encouraged not to have 5 tac officers since that's only 1 side mission).

I also think that the technology from "The 2800" where three duty officer missions were required to complete part of a mission chain would be fan-freaking-tastic in an explore scenario.

Imagine, you lead the away team, find some cool device, fight to get it from hostile critters, realize that now you've got some negative side effect of the environment/artifact/hostilecritters to deal with and your doffs do some background work to give you something you need while you're investigating further on the ground.

I would love this. Plus, doff missions give some decent rewards (average 5 dil and 400 EC plus 200 exp) so added to the fleet marks, over time and across a player team this would add up fast. Doubly so if these were all 5-15 minute missions like the ones in "The 2800" and the 125 dil on a crit really adds upfast.

I assume they could make a pool of a few optional side objectives and doff missions to randomly select between, just like some of the "scan 5 glowies" on the ground missions include enemies to fight and others include one last item to interact with after the 5th glowie. Small variations but fit to a template so they can make the workload realistic.

Now this is a little bit different request, but I want alien worlds that feel ALIEN. I realize that the show had a limited budget, and therefore most planets in the Star Trek Verse ended up looking like southern California, but this is a Video Game. We don't have that limitation. Give us water planets, planets full of deadly gas, molten hot planets, planets where the sun is so hot it vaporizes you if you leave the shade, Gas Giants, Alien Starbases, Alien cities, Planets where the gravity is low, Planets where the gravity is high, throw curveballs at us. Make us use those fancy shmancy EVA suits you guys made.

This is Science Fiction! Let us go weird and wonderful places! And when we get there, let us meet weird and wonderful things!
I totally agree, while exploring we should bump into worlds that require our eva suits. This just makes sense to me.