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12-27-2012, 12:53 PM
Here's what I would do:

Place an invisible object (the biggest one) on the map. Place the Doomsday Machine npc on top of that object. Now place one or more explosion details right on top of your Doomsday Machine.

In the "states" tab for the explosions, set them to go from invisible to visible on "component complete" and target that at the invisible object. Then in the states tab on the Doomsday Machine, set it to go from visible to invisible on the same component complete.

This way, the machine will seem to explode when you interact with the invisible object. Select the invisible object and in the "triggers" tab you'll be able to set an animation and what appears on the interact button. I would also, using the states tab, set that invisible box to only become visible when you want it to.
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