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Originally Posted by elandarksky View Post
From what i have gathered,

ACC necessary for PVP
CritD Suits PVE

DMG CRTH, not used as much
CrtH is amazing with the new crit bonuses. I have the crith bonus from t2 romulan rep, and crith bonus from romulan console. Also I have the borg and tachyonetic consoles wich boost critd and slight more boost to crth. Using those with crth x3 weapons and max energy weapon spec I am noticing crits all the time, they hit hard enough with DHC innate severity and max spec and with the consoles, but I am critting so much more then people with all crtd. Has been working great for me in pvp and pve, although you need accurate trait, max targeting systems and omega deflector to boost acc enough to hit escorts. This really shreds through cruisers and carriers fast to since they are easier to hit.