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1) I guess I need to start getting dilithium, that's the big in-game currently, right?
1a) As a silver player, I understand I don't get it automatically. Where do I find missions to get some dilithium? I can't seem to find the right NPC to ask.
First dilithium is earned as ore but you need to refine it to the spendable currency called crystals. Your daily limit is 8,000 dilithium ore converted into dilithium crystal. you can earn more ore but only refine this much per day. It's good to go over. You refine it with a single click in your inventory under the "assets" tab.

Some sources:
  • There's a nice daily at the academy right near the duty officer station.
  • The foundry now gives a lot of dilithium if you do the 30-minute repeating mission.
  • The explore mission was also mentioned, that one is good and it synergizes with duty officers.
  • Duty officer missions mostly give 5 dilithium (not a lot) but a fair number give 50, and one colonization one that comes up often gives 500.
  • There's a satellite repair mission for a medium amount you can do daily, but I usually skip this one.
  • The academy has an event to try and collect glowing dots and you turn them in for dilithium. I'm not a big fan but some fleet mates really like it.
  • There's a special ore mining on an asteroid mission that I do like. It is daily and in your log just like hevach mentioned.

2) I know we've had economy changes and added these duty assignment crewmembers and things. What other aspects of the game do I really need to get up to speed on and utilize?
Really, dilithium and duty officers are the important bits, and all the rest you'll figure out before it really matters. Reputation is nice, but only matters at level 50.

3) Crew points. I realize that when I hit the last level, I longer get points to apply to my own abilities and skills, but what about my crew? Do I still accumulate for them?
3A) If i can't get any more points to allocate to crew members once I hit the cap, I guess that means I better not screw up the allocation. Is it better to level up all space and ground abilities for 5 crew members and use them for everything, or should i do space abilities on some crew and ground abilities on others?
Don't worry about screwing up or having to retrain your officers. Your own build is a pain because they charge zen for a retrain but your officers are dirt cheap. I feel that I have infinite skill points for my officers as it accumulates so fast. Technically I don't but it feels that way.

I think separate officers for bridge and ground would take up more slots than you have crew for. What is handy is making sure you have some options. For example, I have an escort space crew group and a cruiser group because I have two ships I choose between and the skills are very different.

The same for ground combat. I have a mix that I like (2 tactical, 2 engineer, 1 sci healer-- whatever role my captain is takes one slot and the rest are bridge crew) but the specific skills vary. On the ground it really comes down to fun and flavor and what you like. Space is more finicky.

4)I'm a tactical captain, but I still am confused about the best way to go with weapons and such. AT this point, I'm PVE cause I suck. So, even with PVE, I'm confused. You need beam weapons to take down shields, right? Do I use pure beam and cannons or do I use torpedoes of some sort? And, if so, where, fore, aft?

First, as hevach said, what kind of ship, and he gave the general guidelines. I'll just add on to what he said. Never mix types of weapon energy on a ship. Like don't do 2 phasers and 1 disruptor. Get all the same. Type is really up to you there's not a whole lot of difference. This is one area where things are pretty balanced. If you have a specific strategy or build on might work better for it (this mostly matters for science officers who like their control and drain powers). You can't go wrong with disruptors, phasers or plasma if you like any of those three, just stick with them and you'll be fine.

For simplicity, pretend there are only two types of torpedo and ignore the rest. Photons if you are in an escort and shoot every time you can, or quantum if you only shoot them occasionally. All the others have their uses, but to keep it simple, you won't go wrong with this advice. The logic behind it is that photons do less damage per hit but recharge faster and if you fire every time the weapon is ready over time photons do more than quantum. HOWEVER, quantums do more per hit and if you don't shoot constantly to max the recharge advantage then quantums do more over time. Net result means even if you don't understand it, just follow the advice and it works. =)

As far as the shield vs hull thing. Your torpedoes will do more damage when your enemy's shields are down. The rest isn't all that important while you're getting the hang of changes. Later you can maximize but the difference is not enormous, so don't think you're gimping yourself or anything.

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