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Originally Posted by tribbleorlfl View Post
Or better yet, add a bonus of some sort when the Breen space set is equipped on a Breen ship. For RP purposes, I'd love to equip the Breen set, but it would be a waste of a good ship to equip the set as it currently is.

I wonder if the Deferi will be the next race getting a reputation system, with the opportunity to grind purple mk xii versions of the breen set.
My vague recollection of dev interviews seem to suggest that Deferi are high on the list of candidates for rep.

Although I kinda think with the Deferi focus on balance, their rep system should be more... Interesting.

So say you have, I dunno...

Klingon and Fed rep. Gaining one costs the other but at an uneven rate.

Gaining Deferi rep comes from balancing the two.