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Originally Posted by starkaos View Post
They need an Omega Mark Event that is comparable to Epohh Raising.

They could add an elite version to the Romulan events (Mine Trap, Vault, Azure Nebula) and it should be good enough. The current versions are comparable to the Normal STFs in terms of rewards and length of time. Not sure about difficulty, but all that matters is that the elite versions given comparable rewards to elite STFs and is of sufficient difficulty.
No they don't really, I have more then enough Omega marks then I know what to do with, and I burn through hundreds per character each day to turn into dil. Elite STFs will give you enough marks to run several t4 rep projects on their own. The mark costs for mk XII gear is also reasonable, you should have to run several elite STFs to get the marks for a piece, just like you had to do it several times before the rep system unless you got lucky.

You should not be able to earn Mk XII MACO gear without doing elite STFs, they especially should not add something that doesn't involve any shooting at all like raising pets.

I don't want to raise eppohs for rom marks either, I just want to earn them at the same rate I can earn Omega by only doing elite stfs, and only by shooting stuff, not raising pets.

Mine trap may be somewhat comparable to a normal, but azure and ensared are way faster and easier. They would need new missions to make it STF level.