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Originally Posted by timelord79 View Post
Are you talking about regular episodic missions or Elite STFs? or something in between that gives you trouble?

What gear are you using?
I've progressed through the levels using the regular gear.

So I've done the episodes with ease.
I've done the PVE fleet actions with ease

Now at 50 I am fodder on the fleet actions, I crumble and the team then has to deal with having no tank, as I cannot tank . My skills are nearly all tank and my bridge officers are tank orientated, I even twinked the alien race to help - hence I had no problem 1 - 49. At 50 I am one or two shotted on a regular basis.

Personally I wouldn't care but it's a team based game in PVE and PVP too but this is more about PVE, I cannot help the team if I die in 2 shots . We've just had to abandon too many matches heh.

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