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Thanks for the replies Momaw and Marc8219. I was looking at the stats wrong when comparing them...
As a carrier, you pay a lot of mobility and weaponry to get your hangar bays. Your hangars, and by extension the things you can put IN them, are integral to what makes a carrier. That's why I said "B'rolths" and I meant it: This is the single greatest selling point of the Vo'quv. These are tough, high damage pets that will completely own in PVE. The KDF also has access to Slavers (steals loot from enemies) and Siphon Drones. The KDF has a better selection of pets, and the Vo'quv's exclusive pets in particular are absolutely outstanding.

If you must have a carrier on Federation side, get a Recluse. It lacks the awesome pets, but it's a fortress of a ship and very flexible with its universal Commander.