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Originally Posted by scurry5 View Post
I've been spending a little dil-earned Zen on Fed vessels, but I decided that my KDF toon needed some love too. This is for a tactical captain, and I'm looking for a ship which plays something like a Fedside escort. I have a 50-50 split between PvE and PvP, but call it mostly PvP. I've tried out BoPs, but I get kind of tired of the whole hit & cloak routine sometimes. I have also been trying out the mirror Qin, but that borked turning radius just messes up any engagement with Fed escorts. So, there are a few I'm considering:

1. Fleet Somraw Retrofit
This one would play very close to my current Qin, but I'm not sure about the turn pivot. Did they fix it on this one?

2. Fleet Scourge Destroyer
Seems like a pretty good option, but the Prometheus-style layout gives me a few doubts about its survivability.

3. Guramba
Decent too, and the lance would be handy in STFs, but the 9-console layout seems like it might be kinda outmoded in PvP.

4. Temporal Destroyer
This would take me ages to save up for, and doesn't have quite the tactical power of the others. Still, it's an option.

5. Breen Chel Grett
I'm going to be getting this for free anyway, but the layout doesn't seem to lend itself to anything special, and the turn rate means I'm probably going to have similar problems as my Raptors in getting DHCs on target.

Those are pretty much the 5 I'm considering. Thanks in advance for any advice and recommendations you have!

P.S. I know that the Jem bug is probably the best escort, but that is waaaay out of my league in cost.

Here I was trying out the Norgh and the Fleet Qin. Nice ships. I really didn't find the an issue with the pivot flying the Qin. And the Qin is a beast in all the PVE events. The BoP not so much.


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