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12-27-2012, 03:15 PM
There's nothing worse than being lost in time. Of course you know what that' like.

On the bright side, even the Miranda class your stuck in right now, is better than the Bozeman (that old Soyuz Class) you used to fly.

It does get a lot easier. Along with the Dilithium "hot spots" above once you rank up a little, The Defera in the Orellius Sector Block is also a good source. The Daily Foundry missions are also very good.

Don't be afraid to patrol sectors around the map. They will help you level up a lot faster.

I'm also going to repeat... "Do not mix energy types"... lol Look into Tac consoles to boost your energy weapons. ie.. Phaser Relay for your phasers. They'll do wonders for your DPS
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