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12-27-2012, 03:30 PM
1, If I am not tanking (holding aggro) the escorts die really fast? We lose. Pre 50 I was tanking fire while most ships killed things, this can happen now but is rare that I can hold out long enough.

2, Or the escorts kill things quick enough and I am not needed. This usually means I am with people who are over geared for the STF.

These are the two outcomes I have seen. Thanks for your build I have one of those ships now bought off the z-store with slightly better gear, though I can't see the pictures well enough to tell for certain. I did pick up a few ideas from your duty officers, and can see where I can make improvements . Most of my abilities are emergancy power to shields, or hull heals, like I say I went full tank as far as was possible and walked teams through 1 - 49.

In conclusion - So what you are telling me is engineers are not really needed and it is a class that in large part is pointless? Not useless, but pointless when compared to either of the other classes in PVE.


I don't expect in two weeks any of this will be relevant as I will be geared up. Yet right now, as was indicated above, the gap is too big between 49 - 50 stf.