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Originally Posted by paareth View Post
I don't expect in two weeks any of this will be relevant as I will be geared up. Yet right now, as was indicated above, the gap is too big between 49 - 50 stf.
No, it's not. Not in the least. I was running through ESTFs with mk X green gear and doing fine in a cruiser. It was an AC mind you, and I had specced it's abilities towards dealing damage, so I wasn't as tanky as I could be, but this class is far from pointless, and I personally think your thoughts in 49-50 being too hard is largely due to inexperience.

But you will find that many players who level a toon from 1-50 will stumble their first time through, but after a while will get used to it. Then when they do another toon, it's piss easy. If you are well geared (mk X or mk XI green, heck even white works fine), and know what to do, you can basically run ANY ESTF, fleet event, ANY end game content and do fine. You won't excel of course until you get geared up, but you should be fine.

Look at it this way: most mk XI equipment is only 10-15% weaker than mk XI equipment of the same quality. I personally still run mostly mk XI blue because it's cheap, easy to get, and only 10% less effective than it's mk XII counterpart. And I do fine in most STFs, and if I don't do fine, it's because I screwed up, not my ship.

Remember, gear is only 25% of a ship's performance. 50% is the player. 20% is the ship itself and it's BOff setup/DOff setup, and 5% is dumb luck (I blame your invisible pakled BOff).

I know for a fact I can run through an ESTF in mk IX WHITE gear and survive and not drag the team down. I did it a lot until I got what I needed to up my gear. So sorry to say, the gap is not as large as you would want us to believe.
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