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# 1 Tor'Khat Build: Thoughts?
12-27-2012, 04:40 PM
Had an idea for a Tor'Khat Romulan Plasma setup bouncing around in my head, mostly standard with some odd bits here and there, curious what other people thought and if anyone spotted any huge weaknesses before I spent a couple hundred thousand dilithium on the weapons.

Tactical Captain

Cmdr Eng
EPTW1, Aux2Bat1, EPTS3, EWP3
LtCmdr Tac
TT1, APx1, APO1
Lt Tac
TS1, CSV1 or THY1, CRF1 (swappable boffs)
Lt Sci
HE1, ST2
Ens Eng

Deflector: Omega 12
Engines: Omega 12
Shields: KHG 12

Fore Weapons: 2 Romulan Plasma DHC 12s, Hyper-Plasma Torpedo, Prototype Romulan Beam Array
Aft Weapons: 4 Romulan Plasma Turrets

Eng: Zero Point Conduit, Plasmonic Leech, 2 Neutronium
Sci: 2 Field Generators, or 1 Generator and Aceton Assimilator
Tac: 4 Plasma Infusers

Doffs (All Purple):
3 Technicians
2 Projectile Weapons

1 The APx listing is because I'm not sure if I want to use Beta or Delta. Beta is a lot easier to use, and combined with CSV its easier to 'share the love' with it, but Delta obviously is stronger as a debuff. Coin toss.
2 I know I could easily go 3 DHC fore, 3 turrets and the beam array aft, but I was thinking that a turret plus the BA, with its sorta-Overload ability, would give me more overall damage and better spike damage in the fore and side arcs than a DHC and a rear-facing beam I'd rarely use.
3 On the STF deflector/engine/shields, I have both the full Omega 12 and KHG 12 sets from S6 already, so any combination is available. Omega 2-piece plus KHG shield seems the most logical, but there is something to be said for going all KHG for the energy and torp bonuses, so not entirely sure there.
4 Its a general purpose PVE build, so thats why I went for Science Team, Engineering Team, and only 1 Tac Team instead of the more-common Aux2SIF, TSS, and dual TT. This way I can clear any debuff, and with the Aux2Bat running everything has a cooldown of about 20 seconds anyways.

So with all that in mind, what are people's constructive thoughts?

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