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Originally Posted by brandonfl View Post
You're still not getting it? The lack of players isn't due to premades. The "noticeability" of premades in the queues is due to lack of players. There were more premades when the queues were hopping, but you saw them less because more players were queueing up. The game was a lot closer to balanced than it is now, and people weren't sick and tired of the same 2 game modes over and over. The lack of balance and PvP development is what killed the queues.

Again, symptom, not cause.

Arenas and Cap n Hold are not 1v1 situations. They are 5v5 or 8v8 situations, in an MMO, this implies teamwork. It is what the game was designed for. Why do you think powers like Extend Shields and Sci/Tac/Eng Fleet exist? Hint: it ain't just for you.
I contend otherwise. I was happily PVP'ing since STO's launch until the spawn camping by premades in PUG queues convinced me that the current PVP queue system was broken. Everytime we ran into such a group, it was non-stop spawn camping. I play STO PVP to unwind and have fun, but being repeatedly killed at your starbase just didn't make for a good time.

A separate non-teamed PVP queue could have prevented this mess, but we will never know unless Cryptic implements it in game. Until then, please forgive me if I don't accept your explanation for the current failed game format.