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12-27-2012, 06:26 PM
Originally Posted by fraghul2000 View Post
Maybe someone can enlighten me as to why people would buy the 2.000-Zen C-Store Excelsior, rather than going that small step further and getting the 10-console Fleet version?
In my view of it. I have alot of things going on in life. Work, family, etc. So my gaming time is limited. Which I log on only a few hours per week. Therefor I really don't have time to hit the Fleet missons/battles to gain Fleet Points. Or can set a time to meet with my group just to do a mission. Since my time varies each time I log on. More than once I have to leave the game due to something came up. So its not good for any group. And waste for me since I can't finish what I started.

So for ones like me, the Fleet Ships are not really achievable. However buying on the C-Store gives me a chance for a nice ship to use. Even though the stats are lower. I'm still using my "Free" Sovereign Class ship. Currently not decided on which ship to buy. With the Excelsior, Galaxy, Galaxy Dreadnaught, or Odyssey. Soon as I made up my mind I will be happy to buy one to use other than the Sovereign.

Fleet ships is not for everyone. So C-store is the best option. Playing a game is good for me to escape normal life. And something I enjoy when I do have some time to do it. I'm glad the offer options for the ones who can't play hours each day of the week.