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Originally Posted by shar487a View Post
I contend otherwise. I was happily PVP'ing since STO's launch until the spawn camping by premades in PUG queues convinced me that the current PVP queue system was broken. Everytime we ran into such a group, it was non-stop spawn camping. I play STO PVP to unwind and have fun, but being repeatedly killed at your starbase just didn't make for a good time.

A separate non-teamed PVP queue could have prevented this mess, but we will never know unless Cryptic implements it in game. Until then, please forgive me if I don't accept your explanation for the current failed game format.
oh please, now we are complaining about spawn camping. if you get spawn camped, YOU did something wrong.

1 you didn't leave your damn spawn and fly to the center as soon as the match started


2 there is such a skill mismatch, and your just feeding kills to the other team staggered instead of regrouping, that the battle ends up back at your spawn

at that point you get spawn camped because there is no fun to be had at all because of the skill mismatch, and just im trying to end this pathetic match as soon as possible.

it seems the less skill someone has, the more they are DEEPLY effected by getting killed in pvp. if your team gets stomped and ends up being spawn camped, just write this match off as a failing of matchmaking and MOVE ON. don't warp out for christ sake, stay, get killed and get the match over with so everyone is 1 match closer to getting their dil.
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