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Originally Posted by brandonfl View Post
only if you forgive me for thinking you are completely, utterly wrong.
That's fine, we agree to disagree. I believe in what I see first hand, not conjecture that makes any questionable conclusion.

Regardless of what caused the PVP player base to fade, the result is still clear: the public PVP queues are dead because the current queue model does not meet the average STO player's entertainment needs. OPVP is the only reliable means to set any challenge matches up. There is no individual PVP player support other than private challenges.

Several have already voiced that they would return to PVP is a non-teamed queue is ever created. I promise that I would use such a queue if it ever goes live since it matches my preferred play style. No one will be forced to use it, and it can happily co-exist with the current PVP queues already present since team players will remain with like-minded players. Can you tell that I am sick of getting shoe-horned into matches with premades? Please give me a choice!