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Originally Posted by dontdrunkimshoot View Post
no amount of new que types will fix anything if players continue to suck. bootcamp up, or learn independently and you will realize how silly these ques you want are
Originally Posted by brandonfl View Post
You are making a huge assumption. My views are not based on conjecture. They are based on nearly 3 years of watching good PvPers leave this game due to lack of Dev attention and balance issues. There have been dozens of deleted "I Quit" threads. Dozens of people asking to 'haz' their stuff. Dozens of people who just disappeared. None of them (good PvPers) did so because they were tired of losing to premades.
What I was challenging was why the bulk of the PVP player base faded away. If the number of premades entering the queues did go up, then why did PVP still die out? The only real conclusion that can be drawn is because STO PVP ceased being entertaining for those players. Even if premades did not cause the mass exodus away from PVP, the current PVP format still failed at retaining them. Therefore, if Cryptic wants to revive PVP, then they have to consider other PVP formats besides team-only.

A non-teamed PVP queue is just one of many options. I personally favor persistent territorial conquest where fleets must PVP to retain control of specific space regions with sizable benefits (dilithium mines, bonus fleet marks, exclusive vendors, etc).

No matter what we cover here, staying with the current failed format simply doesn't make sense if we want PVP to move beyond its current niche populace.