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12-27-2012, 08:07 PM
you have to deal with it and backup the game your self, that's what i do for oh about two + years now, yeah you read it right. this game has "the" worst file handling i'v ever seen!! sometimes i wonder if a bunch of 6year old wrote the code for this game engine.

Corruption of files is all what the game does best! its insane, sometimes i can't even play for 10mins before i need to replace a broken file, oh yeah that brings me to there "launcher file checker" LOL that's a total joke never seen i fix that 1 file, if i don't delete the file the launcher has no idea if that file is broken, for all i know that launcher checks just if the file exist LOL.

ohwell one may joke about it but one thing is for sure i ain't keeping this up! there will be a day i'll just delete the folder my self and never install the game. and there will my money flow to Cryptic stop then. but they won't care as usually cus there plenty of other players willing to stick with the broken/buggy game.