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Originally Posted by exa12 View Post
There is a canon reason for Starfleet/KDF captains using other cultures ships, they are involved in multiple wars and in dire need of ships. The ships are even given canon explanations; the Jem'hadar attack ships are re-purposed salvage, the Galors are sold/given to both fleets by the Cardie government, D'koras are built for sale, and the mirror universe and Tholian ships are salvaged/stolen vessels sold for profit, the only reason to say there is no canon reason to fly a Chell Grett, or any other new ship for that matter, is that there has been no reason given.
It is a deus ex machina, post hoc explanation to kludge a lottery into canon for the purpose of increased revenue. The developers need to eat. The shareholders need their dividends. I get it.