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James: I do. My plan is for us to break up and attack in waves.. If this M is smart he will not have his forces where you think they will be. Not to mention he is cunning and wants to fan the flames of war higher. He already has the provincial governments put a bounty on all of us. Given the situation there could be help and ones desperate enough to attack us or even join him but not willingly. There could also be mercenaries being paid by him extravagantly. So we are going to attack his battlegroups around the main fortifications in Federation space. This will cripple his hold and give us a foothold. Then we can move on and attack them in Klingon Space as the Klingon Defense force is holding.
Diadact: a wise plan. I will post shedai on all your ships with your permission to help protect them as for the mercenaries. I have a way to make sure they aren't a problem.