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12-27-2012, 07:26 PM
Originally Posted by intrepid74656 View Post
Did you look into the Tor'Kaht?
Sure did, but I found it a little too slow on the turn for my liking.


Here I was trying out the Norgh and the Fleet Qin. Nice ships. I really didn't find the an issue with the pivot flying the Qin. And the Qin is a beast in all the PVE events. The BoP not so much.

Thanks for the advice. For the Qin, yeah, it was great in PvE. However, in PvP, about 30 seconds after a Bug/Defiant/Separated MVAM sets its sights on me, I have to run screaming for help from teammates, and I usually get ignored anyway. That neck sticking out from the hull really makes aiming DHCs difficult on those little escorts.

The Guramba is reliable in both PvP and PvE, though you might have a point regarding the consoles.

Haven't flown the fleetships.

I've heard the Chel Grett isn't great shakes at PvP, but works well enough for PvE.
Yep, pretty much echoes my reservations about both ships. I just wish we could get a fleet version of the Guramba, and I'd jump into one in a heartbeat.