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# 24 They have one month
12-27-2012, 07:37 PM
I have just downloaded this game because some friends recommended it as a bit of fun, a second game to play qwhen I felt like a change from Lotro. I've used a quarter of my monthly download, finally got it in and it won't start ala "The patch client got a message while it was in a state with no response function" after two attempts.
Like many many people on these forums going back to 2007 (2007 for the love of god) I have put in a ticket and received a pro forma response asking me to try all the things I have already tried to no avail and implying (despite all the other online games and services I use without any such problems) that somehow it is my connection or system. I have responded with details and have an active ticket, have supplied them with all the information about my error code 33 etc, I've tried all the suggestions on these forums. I await their reply, although having read through these forums I figure I just won't get another reply, and will end up giving up in favour of another game.

Considering all the competition this company has this is not good enough. It is not my end it is theirs, and there isn't much more detail I could provide them. They have a month to fix this and I'm uninstalling it and playing any of the many other free to play games where I may well spend my money in microtransactions. But never again a game by Cryptic or associated with perfectworld. I just don't have time to waste trying every desperate fix when their game simply won't run.

I will post in this forum within the month whether they even bothered with a second reply or whether my problem was fixed. At least I didn't buy the game on ebay as a physical disk like I was going to, I may have wasted a lot of time but I will not waste a cent of money.

Very Very Poor, and such a shame. FOr those lucky ones who can log in it sounds like a bit of fun.