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Originally Posted by paareth View Post
You are an experienced player, so you are already levels above me .

You know the gear, know the loadouts, know the stf's.

A fresh level 50 player doesn't know any of these things

There is a gap and you are glossing right over it in your post. Given how easy it was to get to 49. You may be saying I am a bad player, you may be right. I placed usually top or 2nd from top in the stf's pre 50 so most players levelling with me are probably under your definition in this case.

As far as engineers go, the last poster before you said tanks were not often needed, so are you saying different? Else what have you done to counter the remark except say how good you personally are?
Tanks aren't needed. So if you insist upon flying a tank class ship, you just spec it towards damage until you get what you need. It's not hard to switch most cruisers from tank to damage dealer. But it's just far easier to use a damage dealing ship (like escorts). The sad part is that end-game content as PvE goes is almost exclusively DPS based. So you just make do with what you got.

A fresh level 50 player who was smart would have gone on the forums and looked at what works and what doesn't. They also would ask questions in game of those who aren't so fresh level 50s. A fresh smart level 50 player would take advantage of the huge resources available to them.

After all, they gorn and went through all that effort, why would they klingon to their old ways when there are those who can give them builds that make their enemies gorn?
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