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12-27-2012, 09:43 PM
I like it. Especially with Omega you will find that this ship just spins around. Toss a mine launcher on the back. You'll find it handy.

I've never run a battery build. If your cds are going that low then enjoy. I use a power boost scheme.

I like to mount some healing consoles. Most pve I'm not in mortal danger if i'm on my toes, and that boosts my heals for the rest of the team.

And don't solidify your build that much. Sure stick with your doff scheme. But seriously, some phases of some stfs, mines with dispersal patterns would be far more stellar than beta or delta. hell even without the pattern. Just saying. get urself an aoe, a single target and a mine boff. swap em around as u need em. So u keep the core of ur build intact and swap around your tac abilities.

peace happy flying and get back to us on how that beam works out. I for one would like to know if u like the results

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