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Originally Posted by quiscustodiet View Post
A Ship inferior in everyway is somehow superior? Logic isn't quite your strong suit, it would appear.

The Chimera far ecplises any of the Ships you mentionned, but hey, you can't even be trusted to read their stats, so I wouldn't expect good analysis from you.

Enlighten me. I mentioned its inferiority because it is plainly inferior, especially as an Escort. But where do I say it is superior, and thus backstep my own logic? I would have to say that reading certainly is not your strong point.

Imo, there are plenty of ships superior to the Chimera. However a Fleet version may very well be what is needed to bring out the true potential of a 1,000 Veteran ship with its unique abilities.
If they had intended for the Chimera to be a true Vet reward ship capable of being one of the best ships ingame, it would have had 10 consoles already.

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