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So what is stopping you? There is plenty of combat Romulan missions. The Epohh Raising amounts to only 50 to 80 Romulan Marks per day depending on Assignment crits. 60 Epohh Marks are guaranteed each day with the Tau Dewa Sector. Therefore, the only real complaint about Romulan Marks is players can't get a ton of them in one day.

There is none of the valuable items in the Romulan Store. At Tier 5, there are two space sets that are almost identical, a bunch of consumables, a space weapon, an ultra rare hangar pet, and a weapon that was taken out because it wasn't ready. Just got to Tier 5 today and I am done with Romulan Reputation. With the Omega Reputation, I still have 2 more ground sets to grind for. Might just do Romulan content so I can turn it in for the dilithium. I find the main difference between Romulan Marks and Omega Marks is that Romulan Marks is gradual content while Omega Marks can be burst content depending on player style.

I just can't understand the complaint about not having enough Romulan Marks since there is not much to spend Romulan Marks on compared to Omega Marks. To get the Mk XII sets in the Romulan system you need 4500 Romulan Marks, but since the sets are too similar, then most will only spend 2250 Romulan Marks on it. Including the space weapon and ultra-rare hangar pet that is 2990 Romulan Marks since there is no real reason to get both. If you want to get both space sets, then that costs 5240 Romulan Marks. To do the same thing for the Omega Reputation, it will cost about 17,000 Omega Marks. That includes all 3 Mk XII STF Ground sets, all 3 Mk XII Space sets, costume unlocks, and the Mk XII Borg set.

It's more that people are inpatient and/or not that smart.

I was never not able to advance the Romulan rep due to mark shortage. Plus, I am not even sure why they care, I just want the abilities really. Other than the crit console which you can get at like tier one, the gear, consumables, and weapons are not that intriguing compared to what is available elsewhere. The embassy has the threat consoles... so really who cares about Romulan gear?
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