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12-28-2012, 02:04 AM
well yes i do hate the pve guys because they always think they know what works better and claim to have better dps in pve then pvp because we spec resist. lol pottsey5g sorry i know thats a cheep shot. but this is the truth that most pve'ers dont trust what pvp'ers have to say. heck i even said i suck ground and use the turrent and motars myself dident i?

i also stated why that kit is better for most pve'ers since they SUCK in pve. its the whole reason pve guys blast the pvp guys about things like tric mine bombers. or even getting sheild regen fixed. all im saying is if pug says something is better you might want to take him on his word. i listed my experance while on a run with his group as well as he explain how his group runs it. now if i take a few guys from the elite stf channel best be sure i will run turrents drone and motars. thoes guys have no clue any ways for being part of elite lol stf channel. but if im running with pure pro ground guys im going to run a kit they ask for. but anyways not to derail this topic anymore im out.

side note and yes i down alot of pve guys in space. they cant heal dont do dps and dont want to know why thier build is so poor. they insist on being in crusiers with dbb and no heals as well as using torps when they have no turn rate. i welcome everyone to get act and here is the plugin now just go into an stf and see how badly it really is.

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