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Originally Posted by radkip View Post
What broken1981 was trying to say is that an overwhelming majority of PvE players are generally terrible at this game because the PvE side of the game outside of elite STFs and elite exploration missions offer absolutely no challenge what so ever.
well not only that but cryptic just wants npc with uber hp and sheilds. the npc dont fight back. its a joke for something thats ment to be elite. they should self buff and self heal. i have a guy in my fleet that did not even know he had tact skills on his tact engy skills on his engy and sci skills on his sci. ir sci fleet, tact fleet, engy fleet. cryptic does not make an effort to teach people how to min/max builds. im still trying to juice my skill points. still trying to get the most out of my toon. atm its just better to make a fresh tact since even my passives are off. but like most people at lauch we just wanted to jump into game.

just tell me this, when is the last time you saw a tact in an oddy? sure its only pve so the guy can get away with it. but it is slowing down the run. you cant tell me hes going to have better dps then a tact in an escourt. even with his dem 3 and 2. thoes will go on cd. my rapid fire 2 and 2 and omega 3 are going to have a better uptime. even if the tact in an oddy is using an aux to bat build with just dem 3 ill still do more damage even tho hes over capping 125 wep power to keep his beams at 125 the whole time. so even tho i try to explain in a very nice way i could be put on ignore or even told i ahve no clue about this game. you guys are kind of doing the same thing to pug atm. thats why you guys should take him on his word and get an invite on his run so you can parse the logs. just these guys advice alone made my tact on ground much better and i saw just how badly of a noob i was. i enjoy ground alot more now because of this.