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12-28-2012, 02:46 AM
lol so I'm assuming you guys are the type that assume capitol buildings look like breast, the Pentagon is an **** and the Washington monument is a penis correct?

if it was a vibe, i am pretty sure it wouldn't do much pleasure unless you're into pain, the awkward shape alone would be painful, but players have to associate something with something else to make it make sense.

But anywho back to the OP, A better question would have been what is the best FED carrier and the answer would be the HEC. With so many players running two BFaW's (A natural neutralizer of carriers, might as well call it an active denual system, than carriers become utterly useless no matter how many pets she puts out) Atleast with the hec you can forgo the pets and jump into the fray and duke it out with the best of them. And the tac slot is far from useless, you can toss in a TT, a HY or a torp spread and make good use of it. I personally don't like it because if it was ensign you'd be a stronger weapon and if it was sci youd have more versatility but it's far from useless in the right hands.