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We also excel at PvE using tactics and builds that were developed in PvP. {B) (well, they do, I usually drag my feet when they bring me along cause I'm terrible at PvE)

What broken1981 was trying to say is that an overwhelming majority of PvE players are generally terrible at this game because the PvE side of the game outside of elite STFs and elite exploration missions offer absolutely no challenge what so ever. You can tank an entire group of enemies while standing in the middle of nowhere and kill them without ever pressing anything aside from the 1 key (or spacebar in space).

Some of these terrible PvE players are intent on challenging the ideas of the people who know the game inside and out in both sides, PvE and PvP. They call them wrong, they call them idiots, they call them cheaters without backing up their claims with solid math, strategy discussions or theorizing. That is what is infuriating and that is what broken1981 was getting at with his... questionably hostile attitude.
Yeah... his hostility is what I find to be the most exacerbating. It's completely unnecessary and actually is what is turning me against him the most. I agree with a lot of what he says, but his outright dismissal of other players is just unacceptable.

But despite most PvErs being completely and hopelessly and just utterly incompetent, there are a number that are the exact opposite, who do know what their ships can and cannot do, and excel with said ships.

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I snipped your post because the terrible grammar, spelling, and sentence structure were starting to make my brain hurt. If you got rid of that annoying hostility and actually put an effort into making your posts legible, then you probably wouldn't be hitting as much resistance as you did.

Secondly, you may not believe it, but there are PvE players who can utterly smash PvP players. They just choose to stay in STFs because it's more amusing to them (no doubt this statement will result in a long rant/tirade). So as I said, don't dismiss other players outright because they choose not to PvP in a game that is not even close to PvP oriented.

(should be noted, those players I mentioned came from an almost exclusively PvP based game, myself among them, so a lot of us find PvE to be relaxing and we do this for fun, so we do PvE.)

Lastly, all these "terrible" players you were talking about. Why not oh I dunno... offer to help them improve? Instead of just bashing them and then dismissing them outright? Did that thought ever cross your mind? Or were you too busy trying to attack their flaws to see that maybe they could use help instead of harm?

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